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On our Kids see beautiful photos of our Koti Kids family photos, past and present puppy owners and their kids.


Know as Koti Kids




We are located in Northern New Jersey, and purchased our first American Akita in 1981. Recognizing that we truly loved this breed,  we then purchased our next Akita soon after. Around that time, we started showing in puppy match shows  and conformation shows. We also started to get active in local breed and all breed clubs. We helped open the Red Oak Akita Club of New Jersey, one of the first Akita Clubs in North Jersey back in the early 80's. This gave us the opportunity to learn more about this remarkable breed which we love so very much .


We have owned and been involved with Akitas for more then 30 years. Presently we are still actively showing class and Champion Akitas within the dog world of competitive showing " UKC / AKC and other events".  In addition we are members of the National Akita Club of America (ACA) as well as, very active with some of the local all breed club's.


Our Akitas are very special to us, they are our 4 legged kids, and we take a lot of pride and care in their up bringing, both those who are with us and those who have gone to their new home. This is why they are known as our  Kids, that's " KOTI  KID's".


We are proud to say that to date, we have had 9 of our own Kid's which have obtained their Canine Good Citizen titles, know as " CGC", and have the number one akita out of our lines, for top awards ever in therapy etc.,  named "APPLE" owned by Judith Kelly. We are breeder of meritc given by the  AKC.  We are also members of the UKC  "United Kennel Club"and hold many dual Championships titles etc. in both UKC and AKC events.