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The Apple's story


 Apple was born 10/22/2004, Apple was sold in the summer of 2005. She stayed with this family for about 2 years but the wife became pregnant and felt Apple would be a burden so Apple went to family number 2 in Vermont where she stayed there for another 2 years. Both people worked and she was alone all day and gained 30 lbs., they also decided to move into a condo which did not except dogs. So in May of 2009 Apple got placed with her present owner Judith Kelly. She already had a male named Max but when Judith brought Apple home it was love at first sight for both. The next day Apple went to work with Judith were a colleaque had just returned from burying his father when Apple saw him she was allover him making him laugh and smile for a few minutes. This made Judith feel that possibly Apple was an "empath" and would be a great dog for THERAPY WORK. The next week they both started a CGC class in which Apple passed it in July, moving on to her TDI evluation and so on. Vu BN, RN, THD, TDI, TDIA, TDIAOV, TDIRVA, TDIEVA, TDIG, TWT, NTD, ITD, ATD, ETD, VA, VAX, TT, DSA.



Apple holds the highest therapy titles for any

AKITA to-date!!!!



"A DAUGHTER of KOTI'S Silver Eclipse of Akiko "ZAC"

We are very PROUD to have APPLE as a part of our



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